Have an Iphone? Upgrade your Car Experience with Apple Carplay.

One of the standards today in the car audio world is having Carplay by Apple on your headunit. It is an Apple standard to enable your iOS device to be displayed on your stereo and control it from there. This was an effort by Apple to discourage distracted driving and has also integrated voice-input for text messages. Currently, several native iphone apps can be mirrored / streamed on the radio screen. These include: Phone, Music, Apple Maps, iMessage, Audiobooks and Podcasts. The current iteration of CarPlay can also mirror third-party apps such as: Google Maps, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music and more.

Recent updates now has the capability to connect wireless through Bluetooth and then establishes a two-way Wifi connections between the devices. This was implemented since iOS 9.


One of the biggest features of Apple Carplay is the ability to mirror maps on your car stereo. Now, you don't have to buy navigation devices. Apple CarpPlay can mirror Apple Maps and with the release of iOS 12, also possible with Google Mpas and Waze. It can predict your destination by using addresses in your email, text messages, contacts or calendars. By using Siri, you can use your voice to search key destinations by name. Since you are using your cellular data, traffic situations are in real-time and maps will automatically reroute your directions to the fastest way. In Waze, you can view accidents on the road ahead of time so you will have time to reroute to a different street.



With CarPlay, you can make phone calls seamlessly using iOS interface. With the help of Siri, you can use voice commands to do whatever you wish on your iphone without the distractions on using it while driving.



With Carplay, it is easy to read, reply and send text messages without touching the phone itself. Just tell Siri what to send and it’ll compose the message. In addition, Carplay can also play audio messages through your car speakers.


Carplay supports any audio app whether you have itunes, spotify, Pandora or iheart radio. You can like and control features of your car audio without leaving Carplay. Also, you can customize arrangement of your audio apps to your preference.