Cadence Car Audio - At is proud to announce that we have added Cadence Car Audio to our extensive list of fully authorized product lines.

Unlike many of the Car Audio brands available on the market today, Cadence prides itself on true and accurate power ratings. Though Cadence isn't one of the more well known brands, enthusiasts who are looking for the highest quality without being required to pay the highest prices know that Cadence is definitely the way to go.

No industry hype.

Simply some of the best car audio gear you can find!





Cadence ZRS6K Component Speaker System
5 Stars by Adrian From el paso texas. 
Really impressed with these. usually wouldnt go with a brand like this(im a fosgate guy) but the price, you just have to give these a chance. The crossover is great. Put the 6 1/2 in my doors and it gives the front of my car a really good lows up front and the tweeters are as clear and loud as can be. Running these of a rockford 600.4 and its like hearing angels sing when these crank up. Would definately recommend. note give these babies a good 2 or 3 days to break in.


Cadence ZRS-8000D 4500W Mono Block D-Class Amplifier
5 Stars by Mike from Gtown. 
Very good amp, I can power any of my subs from my 13w7 to my 3 alpine TypeR 15's. I've had their subs, they have huge magnets. Good n upcoming brand.
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