VIBE Car Audio in Mini Motion

The Ultimate VIBE Audio Car show in Vegas showcasing their newest and best inside 3 new minis, italian job style. VIBE is regarded as UK's number one manufacturer and it's only fitting that they've used Mini's in combination with their best car audio products.




VIBE has been at the forefront of the car audio manufacturing industry not only in UK but Internationally as well. Innovative design and quality has been their standard for over fifteen years and by doing so has led them with a reinforced position as market leaders. The VIBE mission has been to extensively test and continually evolve to satisfy their on going excellence and to keep VIBE's sound reputation at its best.

Each Mini is configured with three different tiers of VIBE car audio products. The blue Mini is decked out and demonstrates VIBE's entry line of products that shows you don't need to empty your wallet just to get a big sound. This Mini features two SLICK 60 co-axial speakers on the front doors and a single SLICK 50 co-ax. These speakers are powered by a SLICK A4 and A3 Amplifiers as well as two SLICK 15 subwoofers that are running from a SLICK A7 Amplifier that outputs 600W RMS.


Next is the red Mini that sports VIBE's midrange BlackAir products and demonstrates the benefits of spending a little extra on your audio products. The setup on this Mini includes two sets of BlackAir 6 speakers along with a set of 5" Variants. Supplied power comes from two BlackBox Stereo 4 Amplifiers with the 2 extra channels running the SE-K69 3-Way speakers. The bass in this Mini are two BlackAir 15 Subs powered by a BlackBox Bass 5 Amplifier that rates at a massive 1500W RMS @ 2 ohms.


The last of the Mini trio is the white version all souped up with VIBE's premiere product line - SPACE. This time around the SPACE 3D components have the honor of placement within the front doors of the Mini. These high quality, audiophile drivers feature 3D technology – where the Super Tweeter can be mounted over the top of the midrange maximising fitting options and also giving 360 degree sound dispersion from the speaker below. Of course, powering these heavy weights are two BlackBox Stereo 4 Amplifiers. Bass is supplied by two SPACE 15 subwoofers with each having their own power supply in the shape of a BlackBox Bass 5.


These Mini setups demonstrated what VIBE's products can do and with different tiers to choose from you're sure to find everything and anything your looking for in car audio products and can be sure that they are made with innovative design and highest in quality.