JL-Audio and Kenwood Entry Level Subwoofers

This just in: 

We've added a couple of entry level subwoofer models from two of your favorite car audio brands.

First up we've got the super affordable Kenwood KFC-W2512 10" 1000W Component Car Subwoofer Driver.


This car audio subwoofer features a single 4-Ohm voice coil and is rated for 300W continuous power.

Don't let the price fool you, Kenwood put a lot of resources into re-designing this line from the ground up and it really shows in performance. Take a look at what people have to say about the about the 12" model (KFC-W3012).


Next up:

We've got the JL Audio 15W0V2 15" 500W Component Car Subwoofer Driver. 

The W0v2 series is packed with top JL Audio Technologies including and offers the kind of performance and sound quality you'd expect from a JL Product.
This series is also available in 12" (12W0v2) and 10" (10W0v2) solutions.