Clarion NX501 Navigation Receiver w/ 6.2" Touchscreen & Bluetooth

If you're ready to step up from your old stock factory radio then you might want to check out the NX501 from Clarion. This is a Navigational receiver with GPS so you'll always find your way with spoken turn-by-turn directions. With a 6.2 inch touchscreen with crystal clear display with compatible playback of CD's, CDR/RW, DVD-R's/RWs, MP3, WMA, on CD, dvd, and USB thumb drive. Connect your iPod to the rear USB slot, and you'll get touchscreen control over your tunes — no adapter required. Add an optional adapter, and you can play videos from your iPod on the 6.2" screen when you're parked. It's always a decision when your phone rings on the highway, the Built-in Bluetooth lets you talk hands-free on your compatible phone so you can keep your hands on the wheel. When a call comes in, you can tap the screen to answer the call and hear your caller over the speakers. And you can even stream tunes if your device supports it.



General Features:

  • 6.2-inch Digital Touch Panel WVGA Touch Panel LCD Monitor
  • CD/MP3/WMA/DVD Playback
  • Built-in Parrot Bluetooth Interface (HFP, HSP, OPP, A2DP, AVRCP, DUN, PBAP)
  • Built-in Microphone and External Microphone Ready with Optional RCB199
  • (2) Audio/Video Inputs (Front 3.5mm, Rear RCA)
  • 2-Zone Entertainment: Front and Rear Separate Source Control
  • Rear USB Port with iPod Direct Connect Capabilities
  • iPod Audio/Video Control with Optional CCA748 iPod Interface Cable
  • Rear Vision Camera Composite Video Input
  • Built-in SiRFprima® GPS Receiver featuring TeleAtlas Mapping Coverage of US 50 States, Canada, and Puerto Rico on Preloaded Micro SD Card
  • 15 Million Points of Interest
  • Text to Speech for Street Announcements
  • Sirius Direct Connect Ready
  • HD Radio Ready with Optional THD400
  • 50 Watts x 4 Built-in Amplifier
  • 8-Channel / 4 Volt RCA Output (2-Channels Rear Zone)
  • Subwoofer Volume Control
  • Built-in High and Low-Pass Filters
  • Magna Bass EX Dynamic Bass Enhancement and Parametric Equalizer
  • Beat EQ for Sound Adjustment
  • OEM Steering Wheel Remote Ready

Review: Massive Audio N4 Car Amplifier

In a world where a small footprint is a desirable and ever more trendy thing there are very few amplifiers this petite. Plenty of small amplifiers but this one has an exceptional power to footprint ratio. 
The smallest of the new Nano range from Massive Audio, there are four in the range and very carefully aimed at serious-but-not-rich ice hounds. There’s a four channel class AB called NX4 and the N2 here has a bigger N3 brother that can do 1400w RMS at an Ohm and there’s a whacker called N4 that has a cool 2,000w RMS output. The amp is worldwide standards compliant with firstly the reassuring CEA 2006 for veracity as to power claims but also RoSH, CE and E8. All are just over two inches or around fifty five millimetres thick and narrow as well. 
They have a dark finish and are well bolted together with Chrome Allen headed bolts. There are skinny but strong feet at each corner and a central channel down the outside of the heatsink that is instrumental in the fixing of the joining pieces and end caps. First, there is the NEX connector piece to join any two amps into one long one. Then there’s the NE end cap that fits them all, one called NE3 that makes an NX4 and an N3 the same length and a fully five inch long piece NE2 that makes the NX4 and N2 the same length. Likewise but just shorter there is the NE4 that makes the NX4 and N4 match. This seems insane until you find out that these amps are ground-up designed to be mountable stacked up as you have seen before but also sideways. Four different combinations of systems are shown in the ‘quick guide’ sheet you get about stacking and line arrays of the product. 
There are no fuses on board and on this smallest amp you get square compression grips whereas the N3 and N4 get a bigger power terminal set. There is also a dual set of paralleled speaker terminals of the same type as the power with a CEA mark on the end. The other end has the power and protect LEDs and RCA stereo inputs. There’s a three position switch for bass boost at zero, six or twelve dB, centred at a relatively high 50Hz. The lowpass filter is steep and the subsonic filter says “Off to 50Hz” but ‘pon the netz says that ‘off’ is ten Hertz. There is a round micro jack plug socket near the RCAs for a remote bass gain device, which is optional. Most Impressive Feature is the low voltage protector circuit. It offends me deeply that so very, very many monstrously powerful car amps out there can be killed by sucking the jugular of their car’s power system too hard. It always struck me as madness not to feature this sort of protection as it’s what they DO, but it’s very rare indeed. 

MTX TC3002 & TC4002 1200W 2-Channel Thunder Series Amplifier

Introducing the TC3002 & TC4002 from MTX both are Thunder TC Series amps that feature "smart-engage" speaker-level inputs that engage the amp automatically when you turn on your stereo. The TC3002 features 900W and TC4002 at 1200W Max Power which is enough power to power a set of full-range or component speakers. The variable frequency filters tailor the amps output so your speakers or subs sound their best.



TC3200 Power Output

  • 75W RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms
  • 150W RMS x 2 @ 2 ohms
  • 300W RMS x 1 [Bridged] @ 4 ohms

TC4200 Power Output

  • 100W RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms
  • 200W RMS x 2 @ 2 ohms
  • 400W RMS x 1 [Bridged] @ 4 ohms


Hifonics HFX12D4 12" 600W HF Series Car Subwoofer

This sub will produce some awesome bass and is constructed with a injected poly light rigid cone and a 1" NBR reinforced rubber surround for better excursion. THe HFX12D4 is also equipped with a dual 4 ohm voice coil and a large air cooled magnet assembly.



Power Handling

  • 300W RMS
  • 600W Peak

General Features

  • Injected poly light rigid cone for excellent durability
  • 1" NBR reinforced rubber surround provides large amounts of excursion
  • Integrated one piece poly cotton spider
  • Spade style speaker terminals
  • Poly light dust cap
  • Heat dispersing ported back plate
  • Ultra ridged chrome stamped steel basket
  • High strength ABS motor cover
  • Operates In sealed & ported enclosures
  • DVC 4 ohm high-temp KSV voice coils
  • Large air cooled magnet assembly
  • Sensitivity: 87.25 dB
  • Xmax: 6.5 mm
  • Mounting Depth: 5-5/8"
  • Mounting Diameter: 10-15/16"

Kenwood KDC-X995 CD & HD Radio Receiver w/ Pandora Control

Excelon Performance & Quality
eXcelon products incorporate the latest technologies and deliver the highest sonic performance. From advanced audio tuning capablities, crossover and equalizer systems, high voltage preouts and two-year warranty, eXcelon represents the very best product available.

Bluetooth powered by Parrot
Bluetooth wireless technology promotes safe driving habits by allowing you to have a hands-free conversation while you drive without the need to hold a phone to your ear.  Incoming calls will be picked up automatically or at the touch of a button if screening calls.  For outgoing calls, the easy to read display interface makes it easy to search the contents of your address book, recent calls sent or received and with a press of a button you're connected.

USB Connectivity for iPhone and iPod
USB connectivity for audio/video playback from popular devices like iPhone and iPod when used with optional accessory cable.  Featuring an advanced graphic user interface, iPod browsing is done easily using Slide Touch to browse by album art, video titles, photographs, etc. from an iPhone or iPod. For added versatility, iPod control by Hand disables the receiver's integrated control, enabling passengers to control the iPod manually including some selected Apps.  The same USB connectivity allows users to connect USB thumb drives and external hard disk drives.



Pandora Connectivity
Pandora is an internet radio service that allows you to create radio stations based upon favorite artists and songs.  In short Pandora analyzes a song or artist using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics and then recommends songs and artists based upon your personal likes.  If the Pandora App is on your iPhone, simply connect to the DNX to enable touch-panel control of your personal Pandora stations.

Built-In HD Radio
The amount of people wanting HD Radio playback has been increasing at a very rapid rate, and rightly so. HD Radio offers CD quality FM audio and clear AM audio and allows HD radio equipment to display song and artist names in real time.




Coustic Mobile Audio now available at Online Car Stereo

New at is Coustic Mobile Audio bringing you the best in car Amplifiers, Subwoofers, and Speakers. You'll definitely want to check out Coustic's Amplifiers, not only are they built for looks but for performance as well. The Power Logic series amps are no joke, these Class D Mono amps are available in 2-4 Channel configurations, each is designed to provide power and reliability. These include an On-board crossovers and high-level inputs that give you the power to tune the amps to your preference, and they even let you configure each amp to perform with their existing factory equipment.

Their other half of the amplifier coin are the Coustic Full Range Amps that are designed to deliver high fidelity audio to your Coustic full range speakers. Each of these high performance amplifiers feature high and low pass crossovers allowing you to customize your sound. A clean, finned design, optimizeds thermal management and allows you to play your system how you want to.



Coustic subwoofers are also available and are designed to deliver high performance power at an unbeatable price. Polypropylene cone with excellent stiffness to weight ratio allows for high efficiency by further reducing weight. Available in 3 sizes, 15", 12" and 10", the all new Coustic subwoofer offer a solution for any enthusiast at an extreme value.