It's summer and what's more fun than cruisin in your boat listen to some tunes. Though if you're looking for a kick-ass subwoofer system to upgrade to then consider the FS110-W5-SG-TB Marine Subwoofer Enclosure from JL Audio. The build on this enlosure is superb and will take on the weather elements with ease. The woofers feature a very long linear excursion for enhanced output and reduced distortion. Specificaly optimized for infinite-baffle applications for ease of installtion. JL Audio's proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA) technology results in ultra-linear motor force over a long range of excursion and a wide range of power inputs to reduce distortion and improve sound quality. Vented motor design with marine-grade, stainless steel rear diffuser plate keeps the voice coil cool over long periods of use.



General Features:

  • Very long linear excursion for enhanced output and reduced distortion.
  • JL Audio's proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA) technology results in ultra-linear motor force over a long range of excursion and a wide range of power inputs to reduce distortion and improve sound quality.
  • Vented motor design with marine-grade, stainless steel rear diffuser plate keeps the voice coil cool over long periods of use.
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity 86.7 dB
  • Sport Grille - Black
  • Height: 14.4"
  • Width: 15"
  • Depth: 10.5"

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Backing up in your car is always dangerous but with a rear view mirror that includes a 7" touchscreen monitor as well as as parking sensors and a backup camera, this package includes everything you need to backup safely. Clip-on design makes sure that it'll fit over existing rear view mirrors. The 7" touchscreen display is PAL/NTSC compatible, has a 480 x 234 resolution, with touch control buttons with a blue backlight design. There are also 2 RCA composite video inputs for monitor with an included remote mount camera system. Camera features a night vision ready for excellent viewing at night.


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Introducing the KDC-X695 from Kenwood that features a built-in Bluetooth and iPod Control. Connect your iPod to the receiver's front-panel USB input and you're ready to access your playlis. Easy navigation of your tracks and playlists with dedicated search and return keys. The passenger mode lets you control your iPod or iPhone from the device itself.The front-panel auxiliaryinput offers can instant connection for a portable satellite radio or another sound source. You can play all kinds of CD's, even discs that you've loaded with MP3 and WMA files.



General Features:

  • USB Connectivity for iPhone and iPod
  • Bluetooth powered by Parrot
  • Excelon Performance & Quality
  • LCD Full Dot Display
  • Variable Color Illumination
  • Emotional Illumination Effects
  • Multi Language Support
  • Playback of AAC/MP3/WMA
  • USB Direct Control Interface for iPod/iPhone
  • Music Search
  • FM USB Log Function
  • MOSFET MAX 50W x 4
  • Steering Remote Input
  • Detachable Face

Bluetooth powered by Parrot
Bluetooth wireless technology promotes safe driving habits by allowing you to have a hands-free conversation while you drive without the need to hold a phone to your ear.  Incoming calls will be picked up automatically or at the touch of a button if screening calls.  For outgoing calls, the easy to read display interface makes it easy to search the contents of your address book, recent calls sent or received and with a press of a button you're connected.

USB Connectivity for iPhone and iPod
USB connectivity for audio/video playback from popular devices like iPhone and iPod when used with optional accessory cable.  Featuring an advanced graphic user interface, iPod browsing is done easily using Slide Touch to browse by album art, video titles, photographs, etc. from an iPhone or iPod. For added versatility, iPod control by Hand disables the receiver's integrated control, enabling passengers to control the iPod manually including some selected Apps.  The same USB connectivity allows users to connect USB thumb drives and external hard disk drives.

Pandora Connectivity
Pandora is an internet radio service that allows you to create radio stations based upon favorite artists and songs.  In short Pandora analyzes a song or artist using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics and then recommends songs and artists based upon your personal likes.  If the Pandora App is on your iPhone, simply connect to the DNX to enable touch-panel control of your personal Pandora stations.

Rear View Camera Touch Control
By connecting a CMOS-300 you have added capability of turning parking guidelines on/off as well as cycle through the five different multi-views right from the touch screen.  You can also toggle between front and rear cameras when using two CMOS-300 simultaneously.

Variable Color Illumination
Change the display & button colors to match the color of the lights in your car. Choose from 10 preset colors or change them manually to get a perfect match.


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Check out the MRX-V60 5-Channel Class-D MRX Series Power Amplifier from Alpine that lets you use the latest amp technology to play our music loud and clean without taking up my space. This super-compact amp employ some of the same circuitry developed for Alpine's top-of-the-line PDX digital amps, so they'll bring exceptional sound to almost any ride. If you have 4 speakers, no problem, the MRX-V60 can handle them all with the 4-channel section puts out 5 watts RMS to each of your full-range speakers. The MRX-V60 also features a fifth channel that'll pump out up to 300 watts RMS to your subwoofer. You can use the low-pass and subsonic filters to adjust the character of your bass, while a bass boost helps to fatten up the sound if needed.



General Description:

  • Amplifier Type: Class-D (Digital)
  • Channel Design: 4 Channel + Subwoofer
  • Thermal Control: Thermal Management Control
  • Power Supply:MOSFET
  • Power Supply Design: DC-DC PWM Power Supply
  • Board Circuitry: S.T.A.R. Circuitry
  • Current Protection: Over-Current, Over-Voltage and Thermal Protection
  • Power Indicator: Top Mounted Blue LED Power Indicator
  • Speaker-Level Inputs: Speaker Level Inputs
  • Crossover: Variable Lowpass & Hiighpass Filter
  • Final Outputs: Direct FET
  • Board Design: 6-layer Glass Epoxy PC Board
  • Gain Control: Continuously Adjustable Gain Control
  • Bass Control: Remote Bass Control (Sold separately)
  • Power Requirements: 14.4V DC (11V to 16V)
  • Input Sensitivity (RCA Input): 0.2 - 4.0V
  • Input Sensitivity (Speaker Level Input): 0.5 - 10V
  • Frequency Response (+0, -3dB: 1W into 4 Ohms) for CH-1/2/3/4: 5 -45Hz
  • Frequency Response (+0, -3dB: 1W into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 5 -400Hz
  • Frequency Response (+0, -1dB: 1W into 4 Ohms) for CH-1/2/3/4: 7 -30Hz
  • Frequency Response (+0, -1dB: 1W into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 10 -300Hz
  • THD+N (10W into 4 Ohms) for CH-1/2/3/4: 0.02%
  • THD+N (10W into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 0.008%
  • THD+N (Rated Power into 4 Ohms) for CH-1/2/3/4: 0.07%
  • THD+N (Rated Power into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 0.04%
  • Damping Factor for CH-1/2/3/4: iz500
  • Damping Factor for Subwoofer: iz1000
  • Signal to Noise (Rated Power into 4 Ohms) for CH-1/2/3/4: 104dB
  • Signal to Noise (Rated Power into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 110dB
  • Remote Level: 0 to -20dB (RUX-KNOB Required)
  • Dimensions: 10-5/8''W x 2-1/4''H x 9''D

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The P-NAV516 multimedia/navigation package has an oversized 7" WQVGA touchscreen monitor with a flip-out Z-Action mechanism, and is the ideal Kenwood Excelon choice for single-DIN multimedia/navigation applications.  The P-NAV516 offers GUI customization and gives the user the ability to highlight three favorite sources for easy, immediate selection.  A USB input is provided that allows video files to be played directly via iPod video, iPod Touch or iPhone.  This package consists of the KVT-516 in-dash DVD receiver and the KNA-G610 hideaway Garmin navigation module.



KVVT-516 Receiver General Features:

  • iPod USB direct connectivity
  • Z-Action motorized face for 12 different viewing angles
  • 7" Full color LCD display
  • Dual illumination on the front panel buttons
  • Widescreen high resolution display
  • Programmable automatic open and close feature
  • Selectable wallpaper and customizable backgrounds
  • Four selectable screen modes for the perfect DVD viewing
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • Variable color illumination to match your vehicle's interior

KVT-G610 Hide-Away Navigation Receiver Module General Features:

  • Hideaway navigation system for compatible Kenwood 2010 in-dash DVD players
  • Eco Route guidance to help save money and reduce CO2
  • Lane assist technology informs the driver which line they need to be in while traveling
  • Junction view gives a detailed view of upcoming road details for smooth and worry-free trip traveling
  • Garmin navigation
  • GPS satellite antenna
  • Built-in road maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Over 5 million points of interest
  • Maps displayed on your DVD player's video screen
  • Live traffic updates with the optional NAVTEQ Traffic Tuner
  • Voice prompts offer turn-by-turn guidance
  • Multi-destination route planning
  • Automatic rerouting for missed turns
  • Route customization options
  • 2-D and 3-D map views
  • SD card slot for map updates


General Features:

  • Front AUX/USB/SD Card Inputs
  • 4 x 45W Max Power
  • Detachable Face
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Dual RCA Output

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laury posted on June 9, 2011 09:29
Audiobahn and have teamed up to give you free stuff! Head on over to facebook and enter to win some awesome gear from Audiobahn's 2011 line-up.

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