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Sony Car Radio 2009 Models Arriving Now!

New Sony Head Unit Releases

2008 Models Arriving Now!

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Sony CDX-GT130 
Sony CDX-GT130



Sony CDX-GT330 
Sony CDX-GT330



Sony CDX-GT430IP 
Sony CDX-GT430ip


Sony Press Release:

The CDX-GT430IP CD receiver comes with an interface that allows for control of most iPod players. The included 1.5-meter cable has a 30-pin connector provides full menu control and allows the head unit to charge compatible iPod devices. The unit’s selectable front and rear/sub preamp outputs can be used to control the frequency and output level of an external amplifier. Other features include Quick-BrowZer, Passenger Control and Jump Mode technologies, satellite radio and HD Radio ready compatibility, and MP3 and non-DRM WMA playback, with black LED screen and blue key illumination.

The CDX-GT330 unit provides versatility, through compatibility with most iPod players, and HD Radio and satellite radio ready functionality. It offers MP3 and non-DRM WMA playback support and two preouts. The CDX-GT130 CD receiver has one preout and a detachable faceplate with a black 13-segment LED screen.

Each new unit supports HPF/LPF sound quality enhancements and features an auxiliary input on the faceplate, facilitating the use of compatible iPod and other portable music players in a vehicle with a standard 1/8-inch mini jack cord (sold separately). They also feature 52 watts X 4 peak output.

The CDX-GT430IP and CDX-GT330 head units come with the supplied wireless card remote (model RM-X151), so it’s easy to control the music from the front or back seat. Users can increase the CDX-GT330 unit’s connectivity by purchasing an adapter (model XA-120IP for about $50) that charges a compatible iPod device and controls it from the head unit.

Soundstream Rubicon Amplifiers

Newly Added: Soundsteam Rubicon Amplifiers
Soundstream Rubicon amps

The new Soundstream Rubicon amp line is here!
The entire line-up of amplifiers has been revised from inside out. Fromt he sleek and stylish new chassis, to the cleaner, more stable guts, the new rubicon amps are sure to impress all who look and listen.

Gypsy05 - Onlinecarstereo.com Style

Onlinecarstereo.com is a proud sponsor of Gypsy05.

Gypsy05 Bus

Recently Gypsy05 and the Gypsy bus made an appearance at the Hollywood premier of The Duchess. The Gypsy was made famous by the incredibly classy Gypsy05 product catalog. Of course couldn't allow the bus to make it's Hollywood debut without a new system.

We wanted to do something simple that wouldn't be too conspicuous because we didn't want to take away from the over-all feel of the bus.

The components that made the cut were:

Sony CDX-GT71W

Sony CDX-GT71W

Sony XS-V160HP

Sony XS-V160HP Speakers

Crunch P5000.5

Crunch P5000.5

Lanzar MXBP112


Lanzar MXBP112