Diamond Audio Speaker Closeout! S600s, S600a, S500s, S500a

Want high performance speakers without the high performance price?

We're blowing out a large stock of HEX series components at never before seen prices!

These are brand new factory sealed speaker systems direct from the manufacturer and they're moving fast!





Check out a customer review:

Oh my gosh, these are truly the pinnacle of audiophile speakers. The Diamond S600s outperform my previous speaks which were Dynaudio. Even more natural sounding than Dynaudio's yet extremely detailed. Had to get rid of the Focals and Quart Premium's because they were too sizzly...just nasty. Not sure how people can listen to those harsh tweets. These seem to remind me of my old favorites - ADS 320i's. They're that good!

Terry Cummings From Poway, CA 


Clarion EZD580 Portable Navigation

The newly released Clarion EZD580 portable navigation system just hit our shelves.

This brand new unit is filled with awesome features!
It's extremely user friendly, It gives audio and visual turn by turn directions. It allows you play your digital music right from an SD card, and allows you to make hands free calls via the built-in Bluetooth


Clarion EZD580 Portable  Navigation Unit


  • 4.3" TFT Color Monitor Touch Panel Control
  • Built-in Bluetooth® Hands-free (HFP) and Audio Streaming (A2DP & AVRCP)
  • Easy to Use New Navigation Engine
  • 12 Million Points of Interest with Icons
  • FM RDS-TMC Traffic Service Ready (Optional NAVRDS and Subscription Required)
  • TTS (Text to Speech) Speaks Street Name
  • 2GB Flash Memory (Map Data Pre-loaded)
  • SiRF GPS III Module with 20-channel GPS Receiver
  • SD/MMC for MP3/WMA Playback and Supports SDHC (Up to 4GB memory card)
  • Picture Viewer (JPEG)
  • 3.5mm External Headphone Connector
  • Built-in Loud Speaker
  • USB 2.0 Connection for Updating and Charging
  • Rechargeable Battery Last up to 4 Hours
  • Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
  • 2D and 3D Map View
  • Lane and Signpost Info
  • Automatic Route Recalculation

Visonik VB210PK, VB210PKG and VB212PKW Woofer Packages

We've recently added a few new Subwoofer Enclosures from Visonik to our product line up. They feature the same great performance we've come to expect from Visonik and the very aggressive Onlinecarstereo.com pricing we all know and love. What really makes these sub enclosures a great value is the fact that they are also packaged with a matching amplifier. These new packages are your all in one solution for a complete subwoofer system at a price an extremely attractive price.




2 Channel High Performance Amplifier & Double 10" Band Pass Enclosure



2 Channel High Performance Amplifier & Double 10" Band Pass Enclosure Subwoofer



2 Channel MOSFET Amplifier & Dual High Performance 12" Band Pass Enslosure



Fuel Cells And Hybrid Cars; The Saviors Of Us All?

I spent a few hours watching television over the weekend which is a pretty rare occurrence for me. During the time I was watching, I noticed that most of the car manufacturers were really trying to get on our good side by inundating us with ads about Hybrids and Fuel Cell vehicles. High gas prices have definitely been a sore spot for many Americans recently and I guess this is their way of trying to show us that they're trying help the situation.

I wonder though, how helpful are they really being?

Fuel Cell vehicles are still many years off and are not currently a viable solution to the problem. Hybrid cars are here now, and many hybrid versions of pre-existing models are constantly flowing into the market. This should make hybrids our current best solution... right?

The car manufacturers would definitely like us to believe that, but I'm not so sure. 


Currently SUVs feature some of the worst MPG ratios and though their hybrid counterparts do improve on their performance, the benefits are marginal and still far worse than non-hybrid cars that have been available for years. Cars like the Civic and Corolla have always been relatively easy on the wallet where gas is concerned. 

I'm definitely a huge advocate of new technologies that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and I do believe that hybrid cars are a step in the right direction but it seems that, right now, auto-manufactures are simply using them as a way to get into our wallets. They're focusing on 'green' as a fad and not as a solution.

Jensen VM9512 and VM9022 - In-dash DVD Player Spotlight

There are a lot of in-dash dvd players on the market and it can be hard to choose one for various reasons. It can be very difficult to balance cost vs. desired features. Generally, adding optional features like bluetooth and Ipod connectivity can push the cost of these systems up to an undesireable level. 

Enter then Jensen VM9512 and VM9022! Your life has just become a lot easier!

The difference between the two items simply the DIN size. DIN size generally referes to the amount of dash space required to a specific head unit. 

Both units feature very good sound and picture quality and are ideal for people who are looking for an in-dash dvd player on a budget.
They really begin to shine when you start to look at the features that are included at no additional cost.

  • Touch screen: Control most of the unit's functions directly from the touch screen interface. 
  • Built in Bluetooth: Many states are now making it illegal to drive while talking on the phone without a hands free device.
  • Ipod connectivity: Connect and control your ipod directly from the unit. No additional installation is required! Just plug and play!
  • Subwoofer pre-amps: A must for bass heads and people who want to get the most out of their systems. 
  • Customizable wallpapers: You can upload your own images to use as a custom wallpaper for your system menus.
  • Anti-theft password protection: Deters theft by locking others out of the system VIA secure password.
  • Picture in picture: for multi-tasking.
  • SD Card slot: Access files like images and MP3s from up to a 4GB SD card.
  • USB Thumb drive support: Also access files from an external usb thumbdrive.
  • DVDR support: Watch movies or listen to MP3 files burned to a DVDR

If you decide later that you want to add an in-dash navigation system you don't need to buy a whole new system. Simply by adding Jensen's Nav101 navigation addon interface, both these units can be transformed into a full function navigation system that is controlled right from the touch screen!


Check out these videos of the units in action: