Let's Take a Walk Down the Kicker Car Audio/Stereo Isle.

Let's visit the Kicker isle in the warehouse at our car audio/stereo store.



Here you'll find a plethora of car stereo system amplifiers like the (08)ZX850.4 (08ZX8504) 4 channel car amplifier. This car system multi-channel amplifier deliversa whopping 215 watts x 4 at 2 Ohms and 175 watts x 4 at 4 Ohms. That’s truly alot of power; more than most car speakers can handle. Be sure to pair it with carspeakers like the 3-Way 6" x 9"  08KS6930 and alwaysremember to properly adjust your amplifier gain controls!  
If the 08ZX850.4 delivers more power than you need, take a look at Kicker's(08)ZX350.4 (08ZX3504) car amplifier. This compact amplifier delivers 90 wattsx 4 at 2 Ohms and 60 watts 4x 4 at 4 Ohms. This is more than enough power formost car audio coaxial and component speakers. Look for a set of car speakerslike Kicker's 07DS650 and the 08KS690; both of which feature RMSpower handling in right range for optimal performance. 

No car audio/stereo system is would be complete without bass and this is where Kicker really shines. For the true bass-head, Kicker's monstrous (08)ZX2500.1 (08ZX25001) pushes out so much power your subs won’t know what hit em! At a whopping 2500 watts x 1 @ 2 Ohms; this car amplifier gives out enough power to push three  12" (08S12L74/08S12L72) or two 15" (08S15L74/08S15L72) L7 Solo Baric car subwoofers.
Of course, mind bending bass isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some of us simply want enough bass to really accentuate our music and increase the over-all sound quality. Don't worry friends, Kicker hasn't forgotten you. A pair of CVT shallow subwoofers (07CVT102) will do the trick. These space-saving, low-profile car subwoofers will add a nice level of bass to your system without over-powering your mids and highs. Run these subwoofers with a (08)ZX300.1 (08ZX3001) 1-channel mono car amplifier, which also features a compact form factor, and you'll be in for some no-hassle, easy to install, musical bliss.

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