Be In Luck With OCS' 48-Hour St. Patrick Day Sale Celebration

Are you excited to celebrate St. Patrick's day? Then it is maybe your lucky day! Not only can you celebrate this special day with dancing, drinking, and feasting, but you can also commemorate it by upgrading to Online Car Stereo's MAP and Non-MAP items at a highly discounted price in a limited time frame.


Within 48 hours, you can have the best deals for your dream upgrades with our massively discounted entertainment components that are designed to take your vehicle's entertainment system to a whole new level. 

Here are some of our featured discounted products that you can check out when you visit today:

Infinity Kappa 63XF

Promo Price: $178.46          Original Price: $209.95          Savings: $31.49


The first on our list, the Infinity Kappa 63XF, is a 6.5-inch three-way car speaker system for high-performance sound in your vehicle. With a frequency response range of 45 Hz to 40 kHz, this speaker system delivers a wide range of sound, including deep bass and clear highs. The system has a power handling capacity of up to 85 watts RMS and 225 watts peak power, making it suitable for various car audio systems. It features a Plus One woofer cone design that increases the effective radiating area, resulting in a more powerful and impactful bass response. It also has a UniPivot tweeter that allows you to aim the sound directly at your ears for improved clarity and soundstage. The speaker system has a sleek design with a high-gloss finish that complements any car interior. The Infinity Kappa 63XF is an excellent choice for car audio enthusiasts looking for high-quality sound and performance.

Alpine iLX-W650

Promo Price: $297.46          Original Price: $349.95          Savings: $52.49


One of our best-selling multimedia receivers, the Alpine iLX-W650, is a 7-inch touchscreen car stereo receiver designed for modern vehicles. It features Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming, as well as compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless integration with your smartphone. The unit is also SiriusXM-Ready, allowing you to access various satellite radio stations. The iLX-W650 has a sleek and modern design with a capacitive touchscreen display that is responsive and easy to navigate. It also has a shallow-mount chassis that makes installation easy in various vehicles. Additionally, the unit features a built-in amplifier with a six-channel preamp output and is compatible with a SiriusXM satellite radio tuner. The Alpine iLX-W650 is an excellent choice for a high-quality and versatile car stereo receiver.

Pioneer DEH-S4220BT

Promo Price: $101.99         Original Price: $119.95          Savings: $17.96


The Pioneer DEH-S4220BT is a single-DIN car stereo receiver with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming. It features compatibility with Pandora and Spotify for access to your favorite music streaming services. The unit also has a built-in amplifier with a 13-band graphic equalizer for customizable sound and compatibility with FLAC files for high-quality audio playback. The DEH-S4220BT has a sleek design with a multi-line, multi-segmented LCD display for easy navigation and control. Overall, the Pioneer DEH-S4220BT is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile car stereo receiver with Bluetooth connectivity.

Soundstream X5.15

Promo Price: $431.54         Original Price: $454.25          Savings: $22.71


The Soundstream X5.15 is a high-performance subwoofer designed for car audio enthusiasts who want powerful and impactful bass. With a peak power handling of up to 7,500 watts, this 15-inch subwoofer delivers deep, rich bass to fill any car with sound. The subwoofer features a dual 1-ohm voice coil that allows for flexible wiring options and a wide low-frequency sound range. The X5.15 has a sleek and modern design with a cast aluminum basket and a composite fiber cone for durability and performance. Overall, the Soundstream X5.15 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality and powerful bass in their car audio system.

Power Acoustik NB-1

Promo Price: $14.70         Original Price: $15.47          Savings: $0.77


The Power Acoustik NB-1 is a compact, high-performance tweeter designed to improve the clarity and detail of your audio car system. With a power handling capacity of up to 200 watts, this tweeter delivers clear and crisp high-frequency sound that can cut through the noise of your car's environment. The NB-1 features a 1-inch polypropylene diaphragm that is lightweight and durable, as well as a Niobium magnet for improved sensitivity and efficiency. The tweeter has a sleek and modern design with black anodized aluminum housing that is both stylish and functional. Overall, the Power Acoustik NB-1 is an excellent choice for anyone considering upgrading their car audio system with high-quality tweeters.

Crunch PX-1025.4

Promo Price: $75.90         Original Price: $72.11          Savings: $3.79


The Crunch PX-1025.4 is a powerful and versatile 4-channel car amplifier designed to deliver high-quality sound for your audio system. With a maximum power output of 1,000 watts, this amplifier can provide plenty of power to your speakers or subwoofers. The PX-1025.4 features a low-pass filter, a variable bass boost for fine-tuning your sound, and a high-level input for easy integration with your car's factory system. The amplifier has a sleek, modern design with a brushed aluminum finish and blue LED accent lighting. The Crunch PX-1025.4 is an excellent choice for a high-quality and versatile car amplifier.

AudioControl LC2i

Promo Price: $92.65         Original Price: $109.00          Savings: $16.35


The AudioControl LC2i is a high-quality line output converter that integrates aftermarket audio equipment with factory-installed vehicle sound systems. The LC2i has two channels of active speaker-level inputs that allow you to connect your aftermarket audio equipment to your factory system without compromising sound quality. The converter also has built-in AccuBASS circuitry that restores and maintains the bass performance in your music, even when your factory system's volume is turned down. The compact and durable design of the LC2i makes it an ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance the audio performance of their car audio system. Overall, the AudioControl LC2i is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the sound quality of their factory-installed audio system.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit today and check out your dream entertainment components for your vehicle and complete your upgrade goals before you run out of time and luck.

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