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Hey! Welcome to the month of giving love, and we at Online Car Stereo will do our part and give you some love with these bundles of joy! Whether you buy an amplifier, a car stereo, or a pair of 6x9-inch full-range speakers, we at OCS offer an add-on option for your component of choice that can help you complete your entertainment setup and receive a substantial discount. 


How can I avail of this offer? When you visit and look for either an amplifier, receiver, or a 6x9-inch speaker, you can notice on the page's right side that there is a bundle box below the phrase "No Credit needed for acima..." The bundle box shows a small image of your chosen component and its appropriate bundle add-on. You will notice inside the box that there is a small "Add To Cart" button in it. When you click that tiny button, it will redirect you to the shopping cart page, and you will notice that the total price of the two products already has a 10% discount. Finish the order, and you're good to go!


Here are some of our bundle options that you should check out when visiting



Bundle No. 1 (Amplifier + 4-Gauge Amplifier Kit)


When buying an amplifier for your vehicle's audio system, it is also essential that you have a wiring kit to connect it to your battery and power it up with ease. With the XS Power AKXS4-1, you can do that, thanks to its safe, fast, and easy installation feature. Here are some of the amplifiers that you can bundle up with this wiring kit and get a massive discount of 10% by availing of our offer:


Alpine S-A60M

 Alpine S-A60M

A mono amplifier to power up your subwoofer, the Alpine S-A60M is a tiny amp designed to give you the bass output you desire without having any sweat in installing it inside your vehicle. It has Alpine's Enhanced Shutdown Performance Technology, which cuts back the amplifier's output when it starts to reach near maximum operating temperature. With a low-pass filter and bass boost, you can get the best bass quality out of the amplifier. It can handle a power output of 400 Watts at 4 ohms and 600 Watts at 2 ohms. With a frequency response of 10 to 400 Hz, you can expect a deep and extensive low-frequency performance from the amplifier.


JL Audio JD400/4

 JL Audio

Coming from JL Audio's JD Series, the JD400/4 is a 4-channel amplifier that can deliver an extensive full-range frequency performance that is way better than your old one. Utilizing JL Audio's NexD Switching Technology, the amp is equipped with a self-oscillating modulator to eliminate any noise from voltage fluctuations. With its Class-D amp design, the JD400/4 can handle a power output of 75 Watts at 4 ohms and 100 Watts at 2 ohms per channel.


Bundle No. 2 (Car Stereo + Backup Camera)


For safer driving, you must have a rearview camera that can help you in difficult situations when in reverse gear. That is why when you purchase a car stereo with us, you also have the option to get an additional Voxx ACAM4 and get a 10% discount overall from the sum of the price of the receiver and the camera.


The Voxx ACAM4 is easy to mount on your license plate, and it is protected from being exposed to water for long periods, so you won't really have to worry about it. Here are some of the receivers that you can bundle up with the Voxx ACAM4 backup camera:


Alpine iLX-W650

Our best-selling multimedia receiver here in OCS, the Alpine iLX-W650, is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-ready, allowing you to ask for directions, check out messages, and many more using voice commands. It also has a Bluetooth option for hands-free calls and wireless music streaming. It is compatible with the SiriusXM tuner for more entertainment options while on the road. Though you can stack an Alpine KTA-450 amplifier in its back, it also has a built-in amplifier that can produce 16 Watts of RMS power per channel. Its 7-inch touchscreen display allows you to tweak the amp's frequency response for a more defined audio quality. Lastly, it has a camera input for the Voxx ACAM4 backup camera to connect with.


Kenwood DMX4707S

A budget-friendly multimedia receiver from Kenwood, the DMX4707S is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing you to access your phone's features with the help of the receiver. You can also connect a SiriusXM radio tuner, so you can follow your favorite radio shows while on the road. Its built-in amplifier can deliver 21 Watts RMS power per channel, and it has a 13-band graphic EQ that you can tweak using the receiver's 6.75-inch touchscreen display to get the best audio quality out of the amp. It also has a rear-view camera input for additional safety features when driving.

Bundle No. 3 (6x9-inch Full-Range Speaker + 6x9-inch Speaker Baffles)


Speakers usually produce an annoying rattling noise, and they can also get damaged in the back, which is why placing them in baffles is the perfect way to solve these issues. So, if you are planning to purchase a 6x9-inch speaker from us here in OCS, you can also bundle it up by adding Boom Mat's 6x9-inch speaker baffles and get an overall discount of 10%. Here are some of our 6x9-inch speakers that you can bundle up with the Boom Mat 050380:


Alpine R-S69.2

A  massive upgrade from your old car speakers, the Alpine R-S69.2 comes with a hybrid carbon fiber cone and a high-amplitude multi-roll surround to give you a loud and accurate bass output with minimal distortion at high volume levels. It also has a 1-inch polymer dome tweeter to deliver the smooth highs you want. The two-way speaker can handle a power output of 100 Watts RMS and a peak power of 300 Watts at 4 ohms. It also has a sensitivity rate of 90 dB and a frequency response of 60 Hz to 40 kHz, which means it can go loud with reduced noise and deliver an extensive full-range frequency performance.


Pioneer TS-6900PRO

Another 6x9-inch speaker that you can bundle up with a baffle, the Pioneer TS-6900PRO is a cool-looking speaker that comes with a pulp cone and a urethane surround for a powerful low-frequency performance while it also has an aluminum bullet tweeter to match the lows with some bright and natural highs with a minimal breakup at near-peak volume levels. 

The Pioneer TS-6900PRO can deliver a power output of 100 Watts RMS and can go up to 600 Watts of peak power at 4 ohms per pair. It has a frequency response of 29 Hz to 40 kHz and a sensitivity rate of 92 dB, which only means that it can seriously go loud with minimal distortion and give you an extensive full-range frequency performance.


Bundle No. 4 (Amplifier + AGM Battery)


When upgrading to a new car amplifier, you also consider getting an auxiliary battery to power it up and not put too much stress on your vehicle's primary battery. With a battery like the XS Power XP750-SE, you do not have to worry if you use it as a primary or auxiliary, as it can do the job perfectly, thanks to its AGM design. Here are some of our amplifiers that you can bundle up with this battery and get that massive 10% discount for a worthier upgrade:


Pioneer GM-DX975


A limited edition five-channel amplifier from Pioneer, the GM-DX975 is loaded with high-end features, such as gold-plated RCA connectors and a durable frame that can withstand a beating, even for a long time. Its Class-D amp design can bring out a power output of 75 Watts RMS in each of the four channels and 350 Watts RMS in the subwoofer channel at 4 ohms. At 2 ohms, it can also produce a power output of 100 Watts RMS in each of the four channels and 600 Watts RMS for its subwoofer channel. It also has a frequency response of 10 Hz up to 50 kHz, which is impressive for its size.


Alpine R-A60F

Coming from Alpine's R-Series, the R-A60F is equipped with the company's renowned Dual Sierra feedback circuitry, which is designed to reduce the distortion from the amplifier by correcting its output using the original input signal. Loaded with high, low, and bandpass filters, you can bring out a more defined full-frequency performance from the four-channel amplifier. It can deliver a continuous power output of 100 Watts and 150 Watts at 4 and 2 ohms per channel, respectively. It has a frequency response of 15 Hz to 45 kHz, which is pretty extensive for its compact size.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to now, follow the rules and steps by checking out your favorite amplifier, car stereo, and 6x9-inch speaker, check out our bundle option, add to your shopping cart, finish the order, and get that massive 10% discount from the total amount to complete your vehicle's entertainment system for a more fun audio and video experience while on the road while saving up some.

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