Why Not Start Your Year By Upgrading With JL Audio Products

Since its inception in 1975, JL Audio has always been known for its top-notch car audio components. From entry-level to flagship products, you can choose from many options for your upgrade goals. So, there is no reason not to go for a JL Audio product, whether it be an amplifier, loaded subwoofer enclosure, or even an interconnect cable. 

As an authorized dealer of JL Audio, Online Car Stereo only offers the latest audio products the brand has to offer. From the JD Series amplifier, Stealthboxes, XE Interconnects, and many more, you should visit our website www.onlinecarstereo.com to get the best deals for your car audio upgrades.


JD Amplifiers


If you are looking for quality car amplifiers to power up your car's component system or subwoofer, you might want to check out JL Audio's JD Series amps. Available with 15 percent off, getting one of these amps will not only surely improve your car audio system but allows you to save up more for your other purchases. These are some of the JD amplifiers available at www.OnlineCarStereo.com:


JL Audio JD400/4 


A fan-favorite by many car audiophiles, the JL Audio JD400/4 can handle a power output of 75 Watts RMS at 4 ohms and 100 Watts at 2 ohms per channel, thanks to its Class-D amp design. It can also deliver a full-range frequency performance while being able to push your speakers' loudness with minimal distortion due to its frequency response of 12 Hz up to 22 kHz. It is also equipped with JL Audio's in-house technology, such as NexD Switching and Differential-Balanced inputs, which both can greatly help cancel out noise that comes from supply voltage fluctuations and typical car audio wirings, respectively.


JL Audio JD500/1 


Another sought-after component that belongs to JL Audio's JD Series amplifiers, the JD500/1, is a powerful mono subwoofer amplifier that can deliver a continuous power output of 250 Watts at 4 ohms and 500 Watts at 2 ohms. It also has a frequency response of 7 to 500 Hz, which means that it can give you a deep and extensive low-frequency performance with reduced noise. Aside from utilizing JL Audio NexD Switching technology and differential-balanced inputs, it also comes with a variable low-pass filter and bass boost for a more defined bass output quality.




Custom-made for specific vehicles, JL Audio's Stealthboxes are perfect for those who are looking to add a high-quality bass output to their car audio system without taking much space on the vehicle. With a 10 percent discount, you might want to check some of these Stealthboxes that could probably fit in your car:




If you own a GMC or a Chevrolet truck and want to add a subwoofer that would complete your vehicle's audio system without sacrificing space, then this JL Audio Stealthbox might be the perfect one for you. Loaded with two 12TW3-D8, it can deliver a power output of 800 Watts at 2 ohms. As the enclosure is designed to fit under the rear seat, it will replace your truck's lower cushion and storage unit, so it won't have to take up any more space inside the vehicle.


JL Audio SB-GM-VETC6/10W1v3


Specifically made for sixth-generation Corvettes, this JL Audio Stealthbox takes this amazing car's audio system to the next level with its heart-pounding low-frequency output. Loaded with a 10-inch 10W1v3-2 subwoofer, it can produce 300 Watts of continuous power output at 2 ohms. Made to fit in the corner of the hatch on the driver's side, you won't have to lose the high-quality bass output that JL Audio subwoofers are known for while also not taking up too much of your vehicle's space.


XE Interconnects


To ensure that you won't hear any noise from your high-quality car audio system, you will also need premium interconnect cables to achieve this goal. With JL Audio's XE interconnects, take your car audio system to the next level by installing their top-notch cables for a long-lasting quality sound with less distortion. By purchasing at Online Car Stereo, you get a 25 percent discount, so you can more for your future upgrade purchases.



JL Audio is great at making top-quality amplifiers and subwoofers and also manufactures top-quality wire connectors. The JL Audio XE-BLKAIC2-3 is a premium 2-channel audio interconnect cable with a 3-feet length. Its twisted-pair construction is purposely done to cancel out noise that is typical on regular car wires. It also has a pure OFC copper conductor and marine-rated corrosion-resistant plating, so you won't have to worry about rust. Its compact connector design makes it very easy to install, especially in tight areas.


These interconnect cables are also available in 6-feet, 9-feet, and 12-feet versions.


So, why not start the year by upgrading with JL Audio products? If you are interested, check out more JL Audio products at www.onlinecarstereo.com, and you might find the best audio components that would take your car's audio system to a whole new level.

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