Get Ready For An OCS Black Friday Shopping Spree!

There is only a week to go before Black Friday comes, and lots and lots of people are getting more excited to have an unforgettable shopping spree of their lives. It is also the best time to upgrade your car audio systems for car owners and enthusiasts. This is why we at is offering an early Black Friday treat so that you won't have to wait for a long time, and you can already do your upgrade as soon as today.


These are some of our featured products that are surely  a step up from your car's stock audio components:


Crunch CS653

First on our list is the Crunch CS653. This budget-friendly 3-way car speaker comes with Crunch's own Silver Alpha-cellulose poly cone and a rubber surround, allowing it to produce a natural mid and bass output while having the durability to withstand long hours of use and extreme weather conditions. It also comes with a soft dome tweeter to give clear highs, completing an impressive full-range frequency response.

It has an over-coil cooling system design, which allows air to be exchanged over the speaker's voice coil through its spider, resulting in it staying cool for a long time. The CS653 can deliver a power output of 150 Watts RMS and can reach up to 300 Watts of peak power, which is more than enough to fill up the volume your car audio needs.

Kicker 46CXA400.1T

If you are looking for a mono amplifier to power up your car's subwoofer this Black Friday, you should highly consider going for Kicker's 46CXA400.1T. As a one-ohm stable amplifier, it can handle a power output of 400 Watts RMS at the said impedance. It can also deliver a continuous power output of 150 Watts at 4 ohms and 300 Watts at 2 ohms.

This compact subwoofer amplifier comes with a variable low-pass filter and a fixed subsonic filter to give you a more defined bass quality that suits your preference. It also has a variable bass boost control if you want to add more bass output to your subwoofer. Lastly, it comes with Kicker's Fail-Safe Integration Technology, resulting in it being free from noise and interference.

Alpine S-W12D4

To pair up your subwoofer amplifier, you should also get a powerful subwoofer that can fill your bass needs, like the Alpine S-W12D4. It comes with a Kevlar-reinforced pulp cone and Alpine's famous HAMR surround, enabling it to deliver a massive and accurate bass output while having the durability needed to withstand the effects of extended periods of usage while at high volume levels.

It can handle a power output of 600 Watts RMS and can reach up to 1,800 Watts of peak power at 4 ohms. It has a frequency response of 26 up to 200 Hz, which is highly impressive for a 12-inch subwoofer. It also has a sensitivity rate of 86.4 dB, which means that it can quickly produce a heart-pounding bass while having minimal distortion.

Autotek AYA-1100.2

If you are looking for a two-channel amplifier to power up your car's audio system, why not go for an Autotek AYA-1100.2? This amplifier comes with a low-noise preamp circuit and high-quality inputs, eliminating the noise you usually hear with other amplifiers. It uses Quick Thermal Dispersion Technology, keeping the amplifier as cool as possible, which is essential, especially if you use it for extended periods.

With its Class A/B amplifier, it can handle a power output of 30 Watts per channel at 4 ohms and 35 Watts per channel at 2 ohms. It has a frequency response of 10 Hz up to 22 kHz, which means it can deliver a pretty extensive full-range frequency performance. Thanks to its built-in crossover and bass boost, you can get a more defined audio quality that is a step up compared to your car's current audio system performance.

Crunch CS46CX

Another Crunch full-range speaker in our list, the CS46CX comes with Crunch's Silver Alpha-cellulose cone and a UV-resistant rubber surround, giving it the ability to deliver an accurate mid and low-frequency performance while being able to resist the adverse effects that come with long hours of use and extreme weather conditions.

This speaker also comes with a mylar soft dome tweeter, perfect to complement the bass and mid-frequency production from the woofers with its bright and clear highs with minimal distortion. The Crunch CS46CX can handle a power output of 30 Watts RMS and can go up to 125 Watts of peak power at 4 ohms.

Hifonics TPS-6

If you are an adventurous person who also loves to bring music, you should get a Hifonics TPS-6 as your audio buddy wherever you go. Its four three-inch woofers come with polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds, which enable it to produce an excellent mid and bass performance. On the other hand, its two one-inch titanium dome tweeters allow it to complement perfectly with its clear highs and minimal breakup.

Thanks to its High Power Digital amplifier, it can deliver an impressive output power of 200 Watts. It comes with a cast aluminum body and grille to protect the soundbar from getting damaged. Lastly, it has an IPX68 certification, which means that it is protected from harmful dust and from being immersed in water at a depth of more than one meter.

Kicker 45L7R104

Another high-end subwoofer on our list, the Kicker 45L7R104, is a premium and powerful subwoofer known for its monstrous bass production. It comes with the renowned Kicker SoloKon cone and a Santoprene rubber surround, ensuring that it will give you an accurate bass performance and durability for more extended use. Its square design results in a larger surface area, enabling it to have more significant air movement and bass output.

Thanks to Kicker's UniPlate, large vents, and high-temperature voice coils, overheating won't be a problem with this subwoofer. It can handle a power output of 500 Watts RMS and can reach up to 1,000 Watts of peak power at 4 ohms. With its frequency response of 25 up to 100 Hz, you can really be sure that it would only produce the deep and heart-pounding bass that you are looking for.

Crunch PZ-2020.2 

To end the list, the Crunch PZ-2020.2 is a sure way to go if you are looking for a two-channel amplifier that is not only powerful but also budget-friendly. It comes with circuitry that protects you from thermal, overload, and short-circuit issues. It also has an aluminum heat sink for additional thermal protection, allowing it to easily produce a powerful audio output.

It can handle a maximum power output of 500 Watts at 4 ohms and 1,000 Watts at 2 ohms, thanks to its Class A/B amplifier. It has variable low and high-pass filters, allowing you to filter out unwanted frequencies, resulting in a more defined frequency response. It also has a variable bass boost control if you are looking for more bass from the amplifier.


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