According To the Atlantic, the average American spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. That’s a lot of waiting time in your vehicle on the road. To relieve your stress, one has to enjoy traffic and the best way to do it is have a perfect dose of your favorite music while slowly cruising the wide freeway full of cars.

Studies show that listening to music can prevent anxiety and lets you avoid being pissed off on that heavy traffic at the i405. Just crank up your favorite song on Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio or stored on your phone’s memory. Sync it to your car stereo so you won’t have to be distracted using your phone and just control it on the stereo screen using Apple Carplay or Android Auto. A good starter unit would be the Alpine iLX-W650. This new release from Alpine features Apple Carplay and Android Auto and if you have a subscription with SiriusXM, this unit has it too. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use even for a non-techy person. If you are more into an advanced and upgraded headunit, the newest iteration of Pioneer, the AVH-W4500NEX is the next level. It can play your DVD’s (if you still have them), stream your playlist and mirror your phone’s screen on the radio. You don’t need to have a separate navigation device as you can use Google or Apple Maps; or Waze with real-time traffic updates.

A great headunit is useless if your speakers are not up to it. Start off with an affordable but reliable pioneer A-series speakers like the TS-A652C. This is a 2 way component car speaker system that provides 350 watts peak power handling for both speakers.  To level up your sound, go to the realm of JL Audio, Infinity or JBL. The robust and clarity of the sound that these brands produce is like no other. For JL Audio, our best seller is the C2 line the C2-690TX that give out 225 watts peak power enough to let you breeze through the traffic without pain. On the other hand, Infinity offers the KAPPA-62IX that lets you power up to 450 watts which sound great if set your itunes to high quality.