Nothing beats a car or truck with an excellent sounding bass system. It is always a head-turner when a car passes by with a boomin’ bass. If you want to start and set up you own vehicle with a bass system, here are a few tips and recommendations to achieve the perfect sound.

First, you will need the proper gear and equipment to get started. Here are the basics:

  • Component Subwoofer
  • Subwoofer Box
  • Amplifier Installation Kit
  • Installation tools


To produce the best sound bass system, choose subwoofers based on its RMS power. RMS is the power in watts that can continuously be sent to the amplifier without blowing it. Do not run subwoofers at its peak power. Subwoofers can only utilize peak power for about a minute before it blows. Lastly, choose a subwoofer with matching impedance (Ohms) with the amplifier for best audio results (You can also choose different impedance but you have to wire them differently. Please check out the diagrams below).

Our subwoofer bestsellers are:


Subwoofers boxes are optional. If you want to install subwoofers as a standalone at the back of your truck or car trunk, then a subwoofer box is perfect to protect your subs. Otherwise, if you want it underneath or behind the car seats, you will need to customize them and seek professional installer’s help.


Same as subwoofers, you will have to select an amplifier that matches the RMS of your subwoofers as well as the impedance (Ohms) ideally. There are instances that exact matches are unavailable. In these cases, it is best to select an amplifier with a slightly higher RMS power than the subwoofers. Once installed, just lower the gain on the amplifier to avoid blowing the subwoofer. It is also good to note that if the amplifier has lower power than the subwoofer, you are risking damaging the amplifiers either by blowing the amplifier or going to “protection mode”. Subwoofers are also at risk of damage with low-power amplifier as the coil would rapidly vibrate and eventually will blow.

Some of the best amplifiers to consider are:


Ampkits are also an essential part of setting up the perfect bass system to produce the optimum sound as possible. The size of the wires and fuse gauge depends on the power of your system is. It is also important to consider the materials ampkits are made of. Oxygen-free are the word to look for.

You can check out these ampkits:

Here are basic subwoofer-amp installation diagrams for your reference. Also, visit us at WWW.ONLINECARSTEREO.COM for all your car audio / video needs including marine electronics. Subscribe to our newsletter and get exciting weekly promos so you can save lots of money.


The JL Audio M6-770 coaxial speaker systems consist of 6 configurations. Three (3) non-illuminated and illuminated versions with Gloss White-Classic Grille, Gloss White-Sport Grille and Gunmetal-Sport Grilles colorway and grille design.

Here are the different models of the M6-770:

  1. M6-770X-C-GwGw
  2. M6-770X-S-GmTi
  3. M6-770X-S-GwGw
  4. M6-770X-C-GwGw-i
  5. M6-770X-S-GmTi-i
  6. M6-770X-S-GwGw-i

The M6 coaxial system is designed to withstand real marine duty and deliver maximum audio performance in any open-air boating environment. The oversized design of the M6-770X series gives the advantage of increased efficiency and excellent power handling that results in optimum audio while enjoying your cruise on the seas.

Every M6 coaxial loudspeaker starts with a long-excursion woofer designed with JL Audio’s proprietary motor, suspension and cone modeling systems to yield superior frequency response, smooth mid-range dispersion and linear performance at all listening levels. Throughout the years, the laboratory in Miramar, Florida has perfected the art of marine sound with the new M6-series.

Here is a quick view of the specifications of the M6-770 Series:

  • Continuous Power Handling (RMS): 100 Watts
  • Peak Music Power: 200 Watts
  • Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS): 40-200 Watts per Channel
  • System Efficiency: 91.0 dB @ 1 W / 1 m
  • System Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • System Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 25 KHz ± 3 dB

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The average car has 30,000 different parts from the engine to the chassis. For us audiophiles, we all agree that the most important parts are the head unit, speaker and subwoofer. These are essential parts that make us enjoy driving whether light or heavy traffic. Today’s modern vehicles are equipped with a standard touchscreen radio and a decent speaker. This is obviously not enough for us sound hogs. We ultimately want quality sound while listening to our favorite playlist on Spotify, Pandora or iTunes.