Have you ever felt that feeling, when listening to music while you’re driving, that something’s missing? Usually, the bass sound is eliminated when we listen to our sound system in the car, and a subwoofer can greatly help to amplify that bass sound. But subwoofers can be costly, not to mention that they are difficult to install due to their size constraints.
This is where bass restoration processors and bass maximizers come into picture. And here at Online Car Stereo, we have two amazing bass restoration processors to offer!

The Wavtech bassRESTOR is a 2-channel BRP that fills in the gaps of the types of music that doesn’t have enough good, low bass and just adds just the right amount of bass back. It has a complete tuning control/adjustments (effect, width, frequency) that can customize your listening experience to your own preferences. It has a unique, Multi-Function Remote Level Control (RLC). Finally, it has both speaker level and RCA inputs so that it can easily be used with factory or aftermarket sources.

The Epicenter Series by AudioControl is also a 2-channel bass restoration processor that is constructed with intelligent logic circuits. It has Para BASS controls for tuning that bass restoration effect. It has a maximizing light display that always keeps the user informed of system status and features a bass maximization circuit. It also comes standard with a Frequency Match (PFM) filter and also has an adjustable Subsonic Filter. The Epicenter Series BRPs come in two colors -- black or sierra white. Included in the box is a dash mount control, the AudioControl ACR-1 and power connectors.

BRPs aren’t just used to improve the bass sounds and give you that heart-pounding bass. It improves the low-frequency sound on all kinds of music.  It can modify the way a specific music will sound. It digitally restores the desired frequency and powers up the low-end sound, injecting it again in the audio signal to give it an improved bass impact.

So head out to onlinecarstereo.com and improve your bass listening experience, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly promotions and save tons of cash!

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