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SoundStorm M330USA MP3/CD Receiver with Front USB/AUX Inputs

The M330USA is a user-friendly, feature-packed single DIN in-dash MP3/CD receiver with a front USB port, an SD/MMC memory card port, and a front AUX input and also has a drop-down, detachable faceplate for added security. The unit can be controlled by the on-board buttons or the wireless remote control. Lock into your favorite radio stations with the PLL synthesized tuner that gives you 30 total station presets (18 FM and 12 AM).

The M330USA is equipped with sought-after features, such as ESP (anti-skip mechanism), mute, skip, and track repeat functions, a quartz digital clock, 8x oversampling, and preset EQ response curves. Dual RCA outputs make it easier for the user to enjoy the full frequency range of sound and give the user control over the levels of those ranges. A Sound Storm crossover, such as the SX210 or SX310 would increase that flexibility by allowing the user to assign specific frequencies to specific speakers. The M330USA is a solid foundation on which to build an impressive mobile sound system. Combined with Sound Storm Laboratories (SSL) amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers, awe inspiring sound can become a reality. Begin building your SSL system today and you will learn that…everything else is just noise.


SoundStorm M330USA MP3/CD Receiver


General Features:

  • Active Black Matrix Display
  • MP3/CD/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible
  • PLL Synthesized Tuner
  • Audio Output of iPod and Other Compatible MP3 Players
  • 30 Stations Presets 18 FM/12 AM
  • Quartz Digital Clock
  • Mute Function
  • Track Repeat
  • Intro Scan
  • 1 Bit D/A Converter
  • 8X Oversampling
  • ESP (Anti-Skit Mechanism)
  • Preset EQ Reponse Curves
  • Separate Bass and Treble
  • Balance and Fader Controls
  • Stereo/Mono & Local/Distance Switches
  • RCA Outputs
  • Loudness Function
  • Local/Distance Function
  • Output Power: 60W x 4 Channels


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