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Polk Audio PA D5000.5 500W 5-Ch. PA Series Class D Car Amplifier

Polk Audio PA D5000.5 500W 5-Ch. PA Series Class D Digital Car Amplifier

They handle power without blowing their cool
High-speed MOSFET switching power supply offer fast response and high efficiency, plus generate very little heat. High current Bipolar Output Transistors pump maximum voltage and high current to your speakers or subwoofers.

Yes, circuit board design is important. Very important.
Double Layer Fiberglass Epoxy Printed Circuit Boards for more rigidity and less shrinkage, with plated through-holes instead of jumpers, for twice the amount of component contact area. Efficient layout packs more circuitry, with tighter component tolerances, into a smaller circuit board for a smaller overall amp footprint.

Let's talk about protection
This much power has to be kept under "lock and key," protected, and cut loose only under the right kind of supervision. So PA Amps have comprehensive, cover-your-butt 6-Way Smart System Protection (SSP) Circuits. Every amp includes Power and Ground-Reversal Protection, Thermal and Short Protection, Current Overdraw and Low Impedance Protection circuits with Auto-Standby Mode. It's all about safety, reliability and durability.

Built like a brick outhouse, but with anodized extruded-aluminum
PA Amps are armored with anodized, extruded brushed-aluminum covers and bullet-proof end caps that also act as thermal sinks to provide maximum heat dissipation. The end caps also hide connectors for a clean, minimalist look. Even the logo is solid aluminum, and the model panel is back lit in cobalt blue.

In polite circles it's called functionality, but it's really about kick-butt performance
Selectable 12 dB/octave high or low-pass crossover with fixed crossover frequency; can be defeated for full range (flat) operation. Monoblocks feature an adjustable 12 dB/octave low-pass crossover (30-250 Hz). All PA amps give you a switchable 8 dB bass boost at 40Hz for some extra bad boy thumping.



Power Handling:

  • 70W RMS x 4 @ 4 Ohms + 200W  x 1
  • 100W RMS x 4 @ 2 Ohms + 400W x 1
  • 200W RMS x 2 [Bridged] @ 4 Ohms
  • 500W x 1 Subwoofer Channel (1 Ohms)

General Features:

  • High-speed MOSFET power supply
  • Wired remote bass level control included
  • Efficient design to help amplifier run much cooler than conventional amps
  • Toroidal transformers ensuring plenty of clean, efficient power and a compact size
  • LED power (green) and protect (red) indicators
  • Soft Start Turn-on
  • Stable at 2 ohms for full range channels and 1 ohm at subwoofer channel
  • SUB/INT source switch for cleaner signal processing
  • Chanel Mode switch that sends same signal to front and rear channels
  • Non corroding stainless steel hardware for a sturdier look and feel
  • 5/4/3 channel operation
  • 4-Way System Protection circuitry (thermal, DC offset, reverse DC voltage, and short circuit protection)
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy heatsink for extreme heat dissipation
  • Nickel-plated RCA level inputs
  • Nickel-plated screw terminals
  • Input sensitivity:
  • Low level: 200V-6V
  • Variable high-pass filter (40-400 Hz, 12dB/octave)
  • Variable low-pass filter (80-4,000 Hz, 12dB/octave)
  • CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Dimensions: 13-5/16"L x 6-3/4"W x 1-13/16"H


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