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JL Audio 1200W Monoblock Class-D Full-Range Car Audio Amplifier

JL Audio 1200W Monoblock Class-D Full-Range Car Audio Amplifier

The HD1200/1 from JL Audio employs an advanced Single-Cycle Control switching design and R.I.P.S. technology to deliver 1200W of clean power into any impedance between 1.5 and 4 O, giving you the highest degree of flexibility in designing your subwoofer system. Tight power supply regulation keeps distortion down and maximizes your bass quality.

While targeted primarily to subwoofer applications, the HD1200/1 is a wide-range amplifier and can also be used to drive high-performance mid-range speaker systems.

The HD1200/1 features a brushed aluminum finish with black powder-coated cast alloy heat sinks and bottom panel. A black powder-coated, gasketed cover is also provided to protect the controls.



General Features:

  • Patented Single Cycle Control technology applies output correction over 400,000 times per second to deliver unprecedented audio quality
  • High-Fidelity Class D Design
  • Wide-bandwidth operation (6Hz-8kHz)
  • Exceptional efficiency reduces current draw and heat. Demands 60% less power from vehicle's electrical system than a conventional full-range car amplifier of equal power
  • R.I.P.S (Regulated, intelligent Power Supply)
  • Tightly regulated, intelligent power supply maintains full power at any impedance from 1.5-4 Ohms and at any supply voltage from 11V-14.5V
  • Get all the power you paid for over a wide range of applications.
  • Studio-Grade Signal Processing
  • Select from shallow (12dB/octage Butterworth) or steep (24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley) filters to best integrate with subwoofers or component systems
  • Fully variable frequency selection from 50-500Hz with detented, calibrated potentiometer
  • Remote level control with optional controller
  • Preamp Outs
  • Infrasonic Filter (defeatable)
  • Output Polarity Switch
  • Differential-Balanced Inputs
  • Avanced Rollback Protection and Realsink
  • Real finned heat sink is extremely effective and requires no fan
  • Multiple units can be stacked without compromising cooling effectiveness


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