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Alpine Type-R &Type-S Series Speakers

The new Alpine Type R and Type S series speakers cosmetics look good in your car and fit easily in your stock opening to improve the output and sound quality of your vehicle with these highly efficient speaker choices, and High efficiency design runs easily off offactory or built-in head unit power for an easy system upgrade.


Introducing the 2011 Type-S speaker line up, the perfect sound solution upgrade, with multiple size options to fit almost any vehicle. If you want to add incredible sounding speakers to your system, Alpine this is the way to go. The latest addition to the popular Type-S family of speakers offer dramatically improved audio performance over stock car speakers but are designed to fit perfectly in OEM mounting spaces while remaining budget-friendly. These highly efficient speakers are also designed to be driven  by a factory or built-in head unit power which also makes for an easy system upgrade. 
If you're looking for even more audio performance, for a bit of extra cash you can pick up a new addition from The Type-R Series. These powerful new speakers are designed to be driven by an amplifier for some truly world-class sound performance. Typically speakers that draw a lot of power tend to sacrifice clarity but that's not the case with the new Type-R Series. You get all that pulse pounding performance layerd on top of the level of clarity that that Alpine has become known for.


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