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Pioneer 2011 A-Series Car Speakers

Improving on the previous design of the Pioneer A-Series speakers, the new 2011 Pioneer design prove to be a big step forward for the already award winning speakers. The most notable improvement on these new speakers is the enhanced power handling. Using Carbon graphite IMPP interlaced aramid fiber cone and an elastic polymer surround, the diaphragm response is smooth and results in natural, crisp sound. For those that want the latest in car audio loudspeaker technology, Pioneer is an excellent choice and a leader in the mobile loudspeaker industry. Improve your ride for 2011 with the Pioneer A-Series car speakers.



TS-A6964RPower Handling:

  • 800W Peak
  • 80W RMS
TS-A6974R Power Handling:
  • 1000W Peak
  • 160W RMS
TS-A6984RPower Handling:
  • 1100W Peak
  • 160W RMS
TS-A6994R Power Handling:
  • 1200W Peak
  • 160W RMS
TS-A1304CPower Handling:
  • 600W Peak
  • 70W RMS

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