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CrimeStopper - Much Much More Than Alarms

CrimeStopper, Car Security, Car Alarm, Remote Start

For 30 years Crimestopper has developed feature laden products with an eye to quality and value. Crimestopper has from when they started with basic alarms have transitioned to security systems. Remote car starters and combination security/remote starter systems evolved. Today their products offerings have expanded to include GPS tracking, cameras, safety and convenience products, keyless entry and data bus solutions.



CrimeStopper Products Include:

Impact Warning Systems
Car Alarms
Back-Up Cameras
Rerview Monitors
Vehicle Lighting
Interface Modules & Sensors
Vehicle Tracking Systems
Remote Starters

Security Plus System Highlights:

  • Arming reminder (Programmable)
  • Manual arming mode (System arms and disarms without the remote)
  • (4) Vehicle Operation
  • Parking meter timer
  • Parking area finder
  • Internal rechargeable battery on OLED remote
  • Audible and visual arm / disarm with intrusion alert
  • Panic and car finder mode
  • Inputs for door, hood and trunk monitoring
  • Double unlock pulse (Programmable)
  • Built-in door lock relays
  • English or Spanish language selection on OLED remote
Remote Start Highlights:
  • Tach (RPM) or Tachless (Voltage) sensing modes
  • Tach Finder mode
  • Timed Crank mode
  • (5) on-board relays for remote start and parking light flash
  • Timed start and daily start modes
  • Turbo Timer mode: Allows engine to run 1-5 minutes after key removal
  • Glow plug input or programmable timed delay for diesel engines
  • Programmable "Wake-Up" ignition pulse for vehicles with "Slam Locks"
  • (-) Ignition, (-) Accessory, (-) Start outputs for adding additional relays
  • OEM alarm arm / disarm outputs
  • Remote start diagnostics through parking lights and dash board LED

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