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AutoPage C3 RS-915LCD 6-Channel Alarm w/ Remote Car Starter

AutoPage C3 RS-915LCD 6-Channel Alarm w/ Remote Car Starter

The C3-RS915 is a full-featured system with a 6 channel alarm and remote starting capabilities, all based on a redesigned twoway LCD-type paging remote transmitter. The two-way paging transceiver uses SST (Spread Spectrum Technology) at 915 megahertz for incredible range up to a mile away!a second non-LCD five button transmitter is also included, also with a metal housing for rugged, long lasting performance.

In addition to all the usual security features, the C3-RS915 includes a clever code learning, anti-scan receiver with programmable code hopping, a back-up memory system, and dome light illuminated entry capability. The remote starting system is compatible with all automatic transmission equipped, gasoline or diesel powered vehicles. A host of programmable features, including remote keyless entry, a three hour timer, and a selectable run time timer, provide easily customizable features to suit different vehicle or users needs.



General Features:

  • 6 Channel Alarm and Remote Car Starter with 5 on-board relays for parking lights, starter, accessories, ignition 1&2 and one additional relay / socket for starter disable.
  • New High-Tech chrome metal finish with smart-looking leather strap for the key ring.
  • New USB Rechargeable lithium Ion battery with wall charger.
  • New LCD screen with 50% more viewing space includes new 7-color selectable backlighting.
  • Two-way paging transceiver with 7-color LCD screen uses SST Spread Spectrum Technology for transmitting and receiving at 915 megahertz. Unit also includes 24-hour clock with meter minder, temperature, Voltage indicator and countdown run timer.
  • New Design Two-way, window mount super extended range helical transceiver antenna module.
  • NEW 5-button extended range METAL one way remote transmitter.
  • New EMS-1 mini-size Dual Stage shock sensor.
  • On-board 2 way Serial Port for i-Data Link Data Bus and Bypass module integration.
  • C3 compatible data port for C3 Telematics integration.
  • Programmable outputs, plus new starter and ignition timing sequence for improved compatibility with 2007-2010 new vehicles.
  • On-board temperature and Voltage sensors for identifying in-cabin temperature and battery voltage from the LCD remote.
  • New Main Unit Design with wiring harness on one side, hidden door compartment for plug-in shock sensor and V/O switch, plus on-board 30/40 ampere micro relays that contribute to 50% reduction in main unit size to fit smaller and tight spaces under the dash of newer cars.
  • 5-button configuration with selectable Button Lock to prevent accidental mis-use.
  • Two-car Operational.
  • 24-hour digital clock with count down timer for parking meter reminder. The clock doubles as a temperature indicator for monitoring in-car temperature.
  • Multiple audible confirmation tones as well as vibrator mode for paging.

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