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Polk Audio PA1100.5 Class D 5-Ch. High Performance Amplifier

Polk Audio PA1100.5 Class D 5-Ch. High Performance Amplifier, 1100W

Introducing the PA1100.5 5-Channel Class D High Performance Car Amplifier from Polk Audio that's not just a looker but also a great performer. The 1100.5 has enough channels to run your entire system and you'll also be able to bridge the subwoofer channel to a PA600.1 for even more power. There is also an optional wireless remote that lets you adjust your amp volume from the driver's seat for more convinience.




  • 5-channel amplifier- enough for the entire system!
  • 125 watts x 4 (2 ohm) and 600 x 1 (1 ohm) continuous power; 250 x 4 (2 ohm) and 1200 x 1 (1 ohm) dynamic power. CEA-2006 Compliant specifications for true, accurate power ratings.
  • 2 ohm stable 4-channel operation and 1 ohm stable on mono subwoofer channel.
  • Super Efficient Class D Pulse-width modulation amplifier design.
  • High-speed MOSFET switching power supply and high current Bipolar Output Transistors pump maximum voltage and high current to your speakers or subwoofers.
  • Double Layer Fiberglass Epoxy Printed Circuit Boards for more rigidity, less shrinkage and a smaller overall amp footprint.
  • 6-Way Smart System Protection (SSP) circuits
  • Fully adjustable 12 dB/octave high or low-pass crossover is also defeatable for full range (flat) operation (front and rear channels only).
  • Switchable 24 dB/octave subsonic filter protects ported subwoofers (subwoofer channel only).
  • Switchable 8 dB bass boost at 40Hz for extra bass thump.
  • Variable input gain optimizes match with different signal sources (250mv to 7.5V).
  • Mounting hardware with rubber isolation grommets and extra fuses included.
  • Light Bar/Fan Output- Connect an optional LED light bar or cooling fan for custom installations.
  • Multi-Color Status LED gives instant information on amplifier operation.
  • Remote Subwoofer Level Adjuster for subwoofer channel included.
  • RCA output (subwoofer channel only) for easy daisy chaining of other amplifiers.

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