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Sony XNV-600BT & 770BT A/V Receivers w/ Navigation & Bluetooth

Sony XNV-600BT & 770BT A/V Receivers w/ Navigation & Bluetooth

Introducing two new A/V Receivers with Navigation in the XNV line from Sony. The 660BT features a 6.1" touchscreen and 7" touchscreen for the 770BT, both with integrated TomTom navigation, preloaded maps of the U.S. and Canada, a USB 1-Wire for iPod/iPhone and digital MP3 player connection as well as Bluetooth technology.

If you love music as much as having a navigation system then look no further since the XNV line of A/V Receivers puts the best features to enhance your music experience as well as an easy to use navigation system. You'll love the integrated TomTom Navigation that delivers incredible audio and video picture quality on screen navigation and incorporates real world, real-time feedback, providing the most accurate maps available. You'll also enjoy the preloaded maps of the U.S. and Canada as well as a 1 year free map updates ensuring that the digital map content remains completely up-to-date.



Taking calls and enjoying streaming audio as never been easier with the built-in Bluetooth technoloty that enables connection of compatible devices and easily choose between hands free and phonebook access or audio streaming. You'll also be happy to hear that these units are Satellite and HD Radio ready, meaning you'll be able to enjoy commercial free music, talk, sports, a and news channels.



The 660BT and 770BT also features an Advanced Sound Engine with EQ 7 that'll give your system a boost in music listening performance while also giving you some help with Help Me! Emergency Resources Menu, a comprehensive Help ME! menu to assist in any emergency. You can quicly obtain address information to the nearest help location (hospital, police station, etc.) First aid guide also provices info on what to do if an accident occurs.



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