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MB Quart Q-Series Q4.80, Q4.150, and Q1.1500D Amplifiers

MB Quart Q-Series Q4.80, Q4.150, and Q1.1500D Amplifiers now available.

New for 2010 are the Q-Series Car Audio Amplifiers from MB Quart, these are the newest generation of the Q-Series that tops the previous models. The Q4.80 outputs 480W RMS and the Q4.150 at 880W RMS, both are 4-Channel Class AB Amps while the Q1.1500D is a Mono Block that outputs 1500W. All 3 feature High Speed MOSFET Output Devices, Soft Start Turn-on, Top Mount Control, a 3-Way System Protection Circuitry, and a Full Feature Crossover Design.

Other features are Clipping Control with Pre-Clip, Soft Clip, and Full Clip Visual Indicators, Built-In System Diagnostics to help you determine any problems within the system, a Double SisdeD PCB Design making it very tough for those rough rides, a High Density split-dome convection heat sink for high amounts of heat dissipation that'll keep your amp lasting longer.


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