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AutoPage C3-RS1100 6-CH SST Security System w/ Starter

AutoPage C3-RS1100 6-CH SST Security System w/ Starter & Transmitter

Having a car security installed is almost as essential as having a cellphone and AutoPage's C3-RS1100 6-Channel SST Security System is the best at keeping your vehicle safe from possible theft. Some of the main features that the C3-RS1100 has is of course it's 6-Channel Alarm, 5 on-board relays for parking lights, a very nice OLED screen in full color, English, French and Spanish language selection, On-board temperature and voltage sensors for identifying in-cabin temperature and battery voltage. The alarm itself features a back-up memory system, remote panic and car locator, programmable manual/passive arming, single double pulse unlock, pathway illumination, ignition control lock/unlock, and pulse time for lock/unlock.




  • AutoPage C3-RS1100 OLED 6-Channel Car Alarm + Remote Starter
  • 2-way fully re-chargeable OLED transmitter with chrome metal jacket
  • Vivid multi-colored screen with enhanced graphics
  • 5-Button chrome mini remote transmitter
  • 915 MHz operating frequency using Spread spectrum technology
  • Keyless entry available on cars with power door locks
  • Anti-code grabbing
  • Anti car-jacking feature causes forced engine shut-down in the case of theft
  • Dual vehicle operation enables control of multiple vehicles with one transmitter
  • Dedicated siren and horn outputs
  • Dual stage shock/impact sensor
  • Three additional auxiliary channel outputs

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