The Python 413 is a 1-Way Remote Engine Start System with Keyless Entry with all the newest features that you'll find in a remote engine start system and more. Upon installation you'll be able to lock/unlock your car doors with a push of a button and enable you to start your engine before you even enter your vehicle. Safety and security features include a Panic Mode, ability to disable the starter kit in the event of a lost or damaged remote, and a start anti-grind circuitry that prevents the starter from engaging even if the key is turned to start position.



General Features:

  • Python 1-way Remote Engine Start System with Keyless Entry
  • XCR Extreme capacity relays built-in
  • Dedicated one button start
  • Defroster activation output
  • Turbo timer built-in
Two 4-button remotes included:
  • Lock: Lock your doors with a push of a button
  • Unlock: Unlocks your doors with a push of a button
  • Remote Engine Start: Press the (*) button to start your vehicle
  • Aux: Open your trunk and control other optional functions
  • D2D serial data interface for Xpresskit D2D serial data interface modules
  • Hood-Pin included.
  • HX Plus technology antenna.
Product Convenience Features:
  • Door lock/unlock
  • Disabling Starter Kill: If your remote is lost or damaged, you can manually override the starter kill
  • Panic Mode: The horn will honk and the parking lights will flash for 30 seconds
  • Parking lights flash to confirm arm/disarm and other system commands
  • Remote Start: Allows you to remotely start and run your vehicle for a programmable period of time
  • Valet Take-Over: Allows the vehicle to remain running after the key has been removed from the ignition, this feature is used for occasions when you wish to exit and lock the vehicle for short periods of time, but would like to leave the engine running and the climate controls on
  • Car Finder: Locate your vehicle by having the system flash the parking lights
  • Timer Mode: When activated, the system will automatically start the vehicle every 3 hours for a maximum of 6 starts
  • Starter Anti-Grind Circuitry: If vehicle is remote started, anti-grind circuitry prevents the starter from engaging even if key is turned to the start position

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