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SVR 12 Volt 20-ah Rate Platinum Series Car Audio Batteries

SVR introduces its line of Platinum Series car audio batteries. Featuring proprietary low pressure self sealing valves and factory tested to prevent premature dry-out for dependable, long-term battery service.



Advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology that's a special micro porous separators to absorb all the electrolyte lowering internal resistance, increasing power, maximize space utilization, and eliminating leaks for save installation and storage. Puncture resistant glass mat separators. Lowers internal resistance for superior high-rate power while protecting against failures & shorts. Contains pure lead, low calcium and high tin to delivery quick high-rate power. For easy installation and maintenance ensuring the highest current-carrying capacities. Exclusive thru-partitioned weld seals. Ensures superior quality maximizing current transfer between cells.



  • Voltage: 12
  • 20 ah rate: 29.2 ah
  • Max amps for 60 seconds: 213.1
  • Max amps for 300 seconds: 122.3
  • Dimensions: 7.71" L x 5.18" W x 6.93" H
  • Terminal: Copper insert
  • Weight: 27 lb
SVR 20-ah Rate Planimun Series Car Audio Battery Models:

SVR800P 19 20-Ah

SVR1500P 29.2 20-Ah
SVR2000P 48.8 20-Ah
SVR3000P 73 20-Ah
SVR3500P 88.2 20-Ah
SVR4000P 93.6 20-Ah
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