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Boss Audio - Onyx Series Amplifier - NX3000.4

Introducing the NX3000.4, one of Boss Audio's hot new Onyx Series car amplifiers.

Boss Audio's newly designed Onyx line car amplifiers brings you every configuration you could need for any setup that you want. The new NX3000.4 model is a 4-Channel MOSFET amp with 1500W x 2 Peak Power (Bridged). With new state of the art circuitry and power supply design optimize efficiency while delivering tremendous power output with plenty of headroom.


Four-Channel or Bridged Mode:
Run in 4-channel mode for 750 Watts x 4 peak power at 2 ohms (300 Watts x 4 at 4 ohms) or bridge at 4 ohms for 1500 Watts x 2 peak.

Trimode Operation:
This allows you to send your signal to a tri-way crossover for adding a subwoofer to the front/rear two-channel output.

Remote Subwoofer Level Control:
Onyx amps include a remote subwoofer level control. If you're using it to power a sub, you'll be able to quickly make level adjustments.

Line/Speaker Level Inputs:
Separate line and speaker level inputs mean the Onyx can handle high-level signals from receivers lacking RCA outputs.

Built-In Crossovers:
This amplifier features variable high and low-pass crossovers, so you can adjust the sound to suit whatever speakers you're driving. 

Variable Gain Controls:
Allows you to match the input gain to your receiver for better sound with less distortion. 

MOSFET Power Supply:
For high performance with low heat. 

Bass Boost:
Add a little extra low-end power with 0 to +18dB of variable bass boost. 

Power and Protection LEDs:
Protection LEDs let you know when there's a problem.


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