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2010 Hifonics Brutus (BRZ) Series Car Amplifiers

Brutus (BRZ) Series car amplifiers from Hifonics. Sleek, stylish and ultra-stable.

For years, Brutus car amplifiers have been recognized the world over as some of the best subwoofer car amplifiers in their class.


Maxxsonics' newly designed Hifonics Brutus amplifiers are the most efficient and comprehensive Super D-Class series ever. With the new vertical fin heat-sink design these amplifiers have better heat dissipation and therefore run more efficient resulting in less impact on a car’s battery and charging system than many other amps available today. Translated into cost, that’s more wattage output with less battery current used, equaling more watts per dollar.

As always, Brutus amps are 1-Ohm stable, but also run at 4- or 2-Ohms for a much tighter bass response, and it is no different for this new line up. For 2010 there are five models with power 1200 Watts with the BRZ1200.1D, 1700 Watts with the BRZ1700.1D, 2100 Watts with the BRZ2100.1D, and 2400 Watts with the BRZ2400.1D. For SPL, nothing compares to the BRZ3000.1D Pro, which is built with Super D-Class grade microprocessors developed exclusively for SPL. In relying on this super-speed enhanced chip-set, it offers higher current capacities and more precise digital to analog conversion. The result is very low distortion, even at high listening levels. The amplifier is also battery stable up to 18 volts!

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