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Low Profile Amplified Subwoofer Enclosures

Low Profile, powered, subwoofer enclosures.
Amplified low profile SubWoofer Enclosures are great for people who would love to add a subwoofer to their car's audio system but are unable to due to space constraints. Not only do you need to find space to put the subwoofer, but you also have to find a place of an amp to drive the sub.
While space constraints can cause issues; these space saving subwoofer solutions are surprisingly easy to install and can add a nice low end to any car audio system.

Boss Audio Bass600 & Sound Storm USS8

At $129 these units are some of the most cost effective options but also produce surprising sound quality.

 Soundstorm USS8


Kenwood KSC-SW10

Kenwood KSC SW10


Blaupunkt Thb 200A

Blaupunkt is one of the most tried and true names in the car audio market. The Thb 200A is their lowest profile enclosure and features a rock solid construction. Though it is small, it produces impressive sound that is sure to please.


Blaupunkt Thb 200A





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