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Diamond Audio Speaker Closeout! S600s, S600a, S500s, S500a

Diamond Audio HEX Series 6.5 and 5" component system blowout.

Want high performance speakers without the high performance price?

We're blowing out a large stock of HEX series components at never before seen prices!

These are brand new factory sealed speaker systems direct from the manufacturer and they're moving fast!





Check out a customer review:

Oh my gosh, these are truly the pinnacle of audiophile speakers. The Diamond S600s outperform my previous speaks which were Dynaudio. Even more natural sounding than Dynaudio's yet extremely detailed. Had to get rid of the Focals and Quart Premium's because they were too sizzly...just nasty. Not sure how people can listen to those harsh tweets. These seem to remind me of my old favorites - ADS 320i's. They're that good!

Terry Cummings From Poway, CA 


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