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All good things must come to an end, including our Cyber Week Sale!

Our biggest car audio and video Cyber Week Sale of the year is about to end but there's still time to avail of huge savings on car stereo, car subwoofers, amplifers and tons more of discounted car audio equipment. Hurry! Before time runs out. 



Happy Fathers Day

Cadence Audio

Just listed a bunch of new Cadence Audio! New products, cheaper prices!

Presidential Savings! Save on Car Audio & Video Gear

Presidential Savings! Save on Car Audio & Video Gear



Hey everyone, we've got some new car audio & video gear in our "On Sale" section so hit the link below for some savings!


OCS Car Audio & Video Workshop - 10 Deals Everyday for 10 Days!

OCS Car Audio & Video Workshop - 10 Holiday Deals Everyday for 10 Days!



Christmas has come early! We're featuring Car Audio & Video with 10 Holiday Deals Everyday for 10 Days! We'll be revealing these deals everyday so don't miss out, these deals will last only until the 17th of this Month.

Earthquake Car Audio at Online Car Stereo


Earthquake Sound designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems for use in home, automotive, and pro-sound audio systems. You'll be happy to learn that we carry most of their products, such as the TNT Series that now features a line of Subwoofers and 2-Way Coaxial Speakers. Now you can have a complete TNT sound system in your vehicle. The TNT Subs features 10 and 12 inche, each available in single 4-Ohm and Dual 4-Ohm options. THe TD5S is also available, a Fully Digital 5 Channel Amp, one install that does it all. The TD5X's 3000 watts of max power is more than anyone will ever need in such an install. It has 4 channels for your front and rear sound quality imaging and with over 100 WRMS per channel, it is more than enough for any coaxial, 6 x 9 or component speakers. These and many more can be found on our site, OnlineCarStereo.com

Kenwood KFC-P509P 5-1/4" 240W Component Car Speaker System

Kenwood KFC-P509P 5-1/4" 240W Component Car Speaker System

The KFC-P509P is part of the Performance Series of speaker systems from Kenwood and is at the high end systems that deliver full range of music with accuracy and warmth. This component speaker system includes two 5-1/4" woofers and two 1" dome tweeters, along with in-line crossover networks that simplify installtion. Each woofer cone features a Diamond Array pattern that increases the strength of its surface, improving bass response as well as reducing internal virations and other distortions. The separate 1" tweeter also delivers superior quality sound that mounts at a closer to your ear location to give high frequency details more effectively.




  • Injected Polypropylene Cone with Diamond Array Pattern
  • Advanced Crossover Network
  • 1" Swivel Dome Tweeter
  • 240W Peak Input Power
  • 45W Rated Input Power
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • 63Hz - 24kHz Frequency Response

SVR 12 Volt 20-ah Rate Platinum Series Car Audio Batteries

SVR introduces its line of Platinum Series car audio batteries. Featuring proprietary low pressure self sealing valves and factory tested to prevent premature dry-out for dependable, long-term battery service.



Advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology that's a special micro porous separators to absorb all the electrolyte lowering internal resistance, increasing power, maximize space utilization, and eliminating leaks for save installation and storage. Puncture resistant glass mat separators. Lowers internal resistance for superior high-rate power while protecting against failures & shorts. Contains pure lead, low calcium and high tin to delivery quick high-rate power. For easy installation and maintenance ensuring the highest current-carrying capacities. Exclusive thru-partitioned weld seals. Ensures superior quality maximizing current transfer between cells.



  • Voltage: 12
  • 20 ah rate: 29.2 ah
  • Max amps for 60 seconds: 213.1
  • Max amps for 300 seconds: 122.3
  • Dimensions: 7.71" L x 5.18" W x 6.93" H
  • Terminal: Copper insert
  • Weight: 27 lb
SVR 20-ah Rate Planimun Series Car Audio Battery Models:

SVR800P 19 20-Ah

SVR1500P 29.2 20-Ah
SVR2000P 48.8 20-Ah
SVR3000P 73 20-Ah
SVR3500P 88.2 20-Ah
SVR4000P 93.6 20-Ah